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let's go...

sooo just made some new icons!

01-10 [Finding Neverland]
11-25 [Roswell]
26-39 [The O.C.]
40-65 [Veronica Mars]
66-75 [Alias]

come on pretty baby...

[any comments, suggestions, etc, please direct it there]

ALSO. a long awaited header for after1989

heyyyy so again sorry it took forever to finish, but I actually just started a few days ago, once I got a handle (somewhat) on my RL. and not always too depressed. hope you like it. I didnt know if you just wanted that one picture but thats all I used. If you don't like it or want something changed let me know i'll be happy to redo (and trust me it def wont take as long as it did last time).

If you still want it, please credit and save to your own server. Also if you want a FO banner, matching icon, etc. Just ask!

that is all...
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